I’m Brick Tamland….Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48

Quite a few things have changed in my life again.  I am currently not working, again, and have changed my mind, yet again, about being a teacher.  So now I am applying for any job I can find in a school, minus crossing guard and lunch lady, but only because I don’t want to be Billy Madison’s stigma of a sloppy joe slinging lunch lady…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a nice medium between being a completely boring and unsure party and an over zealous, turret enthused psycho in my interviews as of late.  I had an awesome interview with a nice principal today who started off by saying there were no “right answers”, we were just going to have a conversation, if you will, and determine if I am the best fit for the job, and the job is the best fit for me.  It seemed quite refreshing to me at the time, then the conversation began.
brickHe began explaining the position, RTi experience, technology, keeping data records, AIMS Web testing etc. all of which I am well versed in.  The problem is I can’t find a happy medium between enthusiasm and confidence and looking a wee bit too crazy.  At several points I wanted to be like Brick Tamland and scream out, “I love lamp” or “LOUD NOISES!” because we were talking about things that I was good at, wanted to get more experience in, and I would actually have confidence in doing.


Principal: This position would require the candidate to have extensive computer skills with experience in AIMS Web testing and…

Me: Computers! I love computers! That’s ME!  I can do that, I have experience, I’m SO super psyched right now!!!

Principal: Um, ok. Well this position would be working with small groups, collaborating with teachers, and ….

Me: Oh My God. I LOVE working with other teachers and with kids in small groups.  I’m gonna pee my pants!

Principal: Yes, well, anyway, you would be required to work with tier II students and assess them bi-weekly, keeping track of the data and …

Me: DATA!!!!

Principal: Wow, ok. So, what do you know about math?

Me: LOVE IT!!!! I sit around all day working on math problems and then when my daughter gets home I work with her on her math, even if there isn’t any homework in math that night.  She loves it, I mean I love it, WE ALL LOVE IT!!!!

Principal: You must really love math…



This isn’t really how the interview went, but in my head this was the only way I could think of conveying my interest and how well I felt I could fit into this position, aside for the “Yes, exactly, and frantic head bobbing I know I do when I’m interviewing for a position I know I would excel at.

Truth is I suck at interviews.  Give me the job description, tell me to plan out how I would execute said job, and then present it while having an in depth discussion about said methods and I can knock your pants off.  Give me something to explore and research and I can talk semantics all day.  I can PROVE I could do this job, but talking my self up and explaining my strong points, well, it’s just not my strong suit. Ask me how I would do something (that I’m knowledgable about) and I’m your girl.  That’s always what I want to say, “Look no further, I’m your girl.” But, alas, it doesn’t work that way.  So instead, I fumble through answers, because it’s been about a year – year and a half since I’ve been in the classroom, and let’s be honest, my last year in the classroom I was pretty incoherent and honestly my memory is pretty shot since I don’t recall much of my life pre-situation.  But one can hope for the best, and if they keep calling, I’ll keep interviewing…. maybe not Brick Tamland style, but I’ll give it my best…

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