Dammit Jim!

Who said that? This guy…                          McCoy (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

I work with a guy whose name is Jim.  I can’t tell you how many times I have left for the night and said, “Night Jim,” when I think it would be so much more awesome to say, “Dammit Jim, I’m a teacher, not an architect!” I think of the “Dammit Jim” line each and every night when I leave work, and I have to say I chalk it up to the stupid things that have stuck with me from my marriage.  As we speak I’m filing this in my memory bank under “useless things I picked up while married to my ex”. These and more are the random idiosyncrasies I have learned through spending eight years with a man.  I would have to say, even today, I am still a Star Trek fan, I love stupid movies like Anchorman, and Happy Gilmore, and get super psyched when I have the opportunity to use a quote from said movies.

It makes me wonder how many other of these quirks have stuck with me that make me seem odd or crazy. I have begun to realize that I’m just odd normally. I think, anyway.  I get all flustered when I have to talk to other people or socialize, and I only really appreciate spending time with close friends, because hey, they know all of this about me and they still hang out with me.  It makes me think that I probably won’t broaden my horizons much more than I have to this point.  It’s just too painful and awkward. So, to those of you who are already my friends, settle in and get ready for the long haul! You’re in it with me – sorry… 😉

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