What the hell just happened….?

So I’ve started working full-time this week and it’s really kicking my ass. Getting up at 5:45, getting one kid ready to go to daycare before 7:00AM, and getting home just in time for dinner really limits the energy by the end of the day. I don’t know how you people do it. Funny thing though, I’ve begun to remember who I am and what I do again.  On Wednesday my parents were gone. I fed and bathed both children (ok, it was McDonald’s for dinner, but whatever…), put all of our clothes away, sorted everyone’s laundry, and cleaned up our area of the house, all after an hour of choir practice from 6-7! I remember thinking a few months ago that it would be virtually impossible for me to work full-time, raise two kids, and get everything done that I needed to get done at home and still be standing at the end of the day. But look at me, still flat on my own two feet.

I have told my bff before after cleaning her house that I’m pretty sure it’s like Lord of the Flies at her house on the weekends, especially those I’m not there to keep them in line.  I may be retracting that statement after a week back working full-time(minus one day.  Come on, you gotta work me into it slowly…I’ve been out of commission for quite a while now…). I can TOTALLY see how your home can seem demolished after four days back at work. (What the hell, one day back at work…). So consider this my public apology, but not an excuse.

I am enjoying my job and love the family I work for.  I am learning new things each day and that really keeps me motivated.  Some days I have bouts of ADD, and I sit there overstimulated from all of the information I have taken in, or bounce between three different things before I pull back to myself and remind myself that I need to work on one thing and get it finished and then move on to the next… the routine and getting back into professional life may take me a bit. But there it is, that’s where I have been if you’re wondering, and if you haven’t whatever, I don’t care – not in a mean way, I just don’t sit about thinking about who is thinking about me anymore… let’s face it, I’m just too damn tired! Happy thirteenth, and may the odds be ever in your favor! (Yes T, I stole that from you, who stole it from the HG!)

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