In my absence

I REALLY haven’t posted in a while and I have often thought about writing in the past few weeks, but every time I think I will try I just don’t. A lot of different things have been happening over the last few weeks and I’ve gotten a completely different look at myself, plus my “new” self who works and separates her personal life from her professional life. There are so many hard lessons we have to learn in our life, that at some point it all becomes about “me” and our own struggles and injustices we fight daily, that sometime we just have to sit back and stop thinking of ourselves. We have to go to work, make the kid’s lunches, have the brakes fixed on the car, change the oil, socialize with people we may not be comfortable socializing with, call people we don’t want to have to speak to personally, and be present in the lives of those we don’t spend much time thinking about because we are so wrapped up in our own lives.

I have often thought over the past few weeks of my new job how menial and insignificant the tasks are that I do each day.  Sometimes I feel like I’m back at the drawing board and I have had to start all over. But the people I work for are beautiful people, and they don’t make you feel that way.  It’s a group effort and everyone does important things, or the “crappy” tasks as well. Whether they want me to feel welcome, or really do like me, they make me feel like I fit in and I am making a difference in their lives, and that is nice. Especially coming out of the teaching profession where you have little input and control over the districts or schools you work in.

Maybe this new path in my life will lead me somewhere better, maybe it’s just a bridge to another opportunity. Either way, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts, because if there is one thing I have learned it’s that nothing lasts forever. So enjoy it while it’s here. 🙂

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