A sorry excuse, but you better have those dishes put away….

I haven’t posted in a while, if your an avid reader (which I’m not sure I really have any regulars besides Trisha 😉 BECAUSE NOT MANY OTHERS OF YOU CHIME IN WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!!! – or you are just creeping… which is cool either way…anyway…) I apologize for being incognito for a while.  I’ve got this new thing called a job.  Crazy, I know, but it’s just a part time thing right now, seeing as I no longer have the ability to commit to anything (stop rolling your eyes Trisha, and hey by the way… are the dishes put away? Because I’ll be back around 12:30ish and I’ll be ready to finish the rest…. currency bitch…)

Sorry, the job.  I’m not making any initial judgments until after next week.  It’s too hard to tell this early in the game, but the people I work for are very nice and it’s a challenge, especially since it’s in an area which I have no experience or much knowledge of.

The downside is I feel like I haven’t seen my kids or spent any quality time with them for ages.  Although next week is spring break so I will be able to spend Monday and Tuesday with them before going back to work Wednesday.  Ahhh, the joys of working life… We will see… be back later…


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