Magic 8 Ball, you toy with my decision making…

I hate having to make decisions.  It can be as simple as what to eat for dinner, or as complicated as what do I want to do with my life, I can’t make a solid decision to save my soul.  Hindsight being 20/20 I realize this was probably also a key problem in my past failing marriage as well.  Neither of us could make a decision, or else neither of us cared enough to have to make it… I was in the process of trying to decide if I should make a pretty solid transition this week.  I always hesitate because I worry incessantly that I will make the wrong decision.  I would be much happier allowing others to make decisions for me, provided they are the choices I would want to have made myself.  I’m just never brave enough to make those choices myself… besides, then if anything goes wrong, the blame is on them…right?

Anyway, as I was in the process of making a decision this week,  I found myself back in the good old junior high days of asking the Magic 8 Ball what decision I should make (However, now the Magic 8 Ball is an app on my phone, but the same concept really, right?).  It seemed rational at the time.  Yet, the Magic 8 Ball kept telling me what I didn’t want to hear… “It is decidedly so. It is certain. Yes.” So I did a little experimenting and asked it a few other questions, like, “should I dye my hair hot pink”… or “should I live in a van down by the river”.  I made a startling discovery.  No matter what I ask the Magic 8 Ball it gives a positive response.  If I asked it, “Should I give up all of my worldly possessions and become a nun,” it would most certainly say “Signs point to yes”.

Lesson learned: Magic 8 Balls toy with your life… and then laugh in your face. Just kidding, the real lesson learned here is don’t depend on the Magic 8 Ball to make your decisions or you could end up dressed like a clown, joining a circus.  Point taken Magic 8 Ball, point taken…

One thought on “Magic 8 Ball, you toy with my decision making…”

  1. Should I download a Magic 8 ball app?
    “Signs point to yes”
    -downloads a Magic 8 ball app-

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