Arrgh. I be a pirate.

Ooooh, I’m in a mood this week.  I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m reading this Dave Ramsey book and I’m over analyzing so it’s making me question my life again, just when I think I have successfully masters not giving a shit about my life, then WHAM! There it is, the questioning.  I’m currently in the process of questioning whether I should drop the Graphic Design associate’s degree.  I’m not so sure I’m good at it.  Ramsey talks about finding your “passion” and skills inventory tests and I’m right back where I was 9 months ago trying to decide what color my parachute is.  Damn parachute.  I don’t even go up in the sky, why do I need a parachute.  I should just stick with teaching, I know, but all I want are some letters of recommendation that aren’t 10 years old, and since I’ve asked for several and people keep ignoring me, I then question my teaching abilities and I get all screwed up.  Like letters of recommendation are going to be the deciding point of whether I get a job or not.  Haha, that would be the call to my last employer.  I keep telling myself when I get the rejection letter (or call, or both) after the next job interview I’m going to ask if they have contacted my previous employer and if they had could they please be so kind as to tell my why they said they let me go?  Just wondering.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, when I’m in a mood I tend to be irritated by the slightest thing, which is usually anything that comes out of my poor mother’s mouth.  God bless the woman. And my children, who constantly then think I’m mad at them when really I’m just irritated that it takes 2 freaking hours to give baths…  Then I start sounding like a pirate, going around mumbling, “arrgh, arrgh.  Arrgh……arrgh.” Then I start talking like one.  “I be makin’ you walk the plank if ye don’t be gettin’ out of that tub matey. Don’t make me come in there after ye.”  I’m getting an eye patch tomorrow…


This morning on Facebook I wake up to this comment from Trisha:

Trisha I would like you to know that this blog makes me want to put my arms up in the air like Juanita the weasel and say:


10 hours ago · Like

I responded with this:

Liz posted a photo to Trisha‘s Wall.
Ask and you shall receive….

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