The moment your best friend turns into your mother…

So I’m participating in BlogHer‘s NoBloPoMo, which is writing a post each day for a month (you can check out the link for more info…). Anyway, if it seems like I’m blogging about random shit this month, it’s because I’m writing everyday and reaching for things to write about daily.  Should make for interesting blogging.

So you know we all had strep last week.  I seemed to have it the worst as it kept me down for a full 4-5 days, with a lingering sore throat that lasted about 3 more days.  The girls were going to their dad’s on Monday (thank God, because I needed a break…) and I have been going to Trisha’s on Monday’s as well because our weekends have been all messed up because we were suppose to go to my brother’s the weekend we all got sick, but that never happened and now I’m rambling…

The week prior, Trisha and I had gone on this crazy, mad, walk in the dark for like an hour, 3.25 miles. She decided she wanted to go again this last Monday. Alas, I had been sick all weekend, so I didn’t really feel like going.  I knew she was gaining traits like her own mother, but I’m not really sure when she began to become my mother…

Trisha: Ur yahoo is spamming me
Me: Crap got it
.. Good. Still coming over tonight
Yes, but I’m not sure I’m up for a walk
Still got a sore throat…just tired. I can try if you want…
Would you rather I not come? I’m not contagious anymore. I’ve been on a z-pack since Wednesday
Sorry, was in a mtg that just got out.
Come if you wish.. But know that I am going to go walking. And I’m not going in the dark alone. Besides, the fresh air will do u good
Shit. Its soccer night.
Sooooo no walk?
How’s that for irony?
Idk. Thinking
You could go for a walk and I could put baby Jackson to bed…
LOL no. gimme a few
Yea, dammit . I guess the walks out, unless you wanna go around 730? That’s not that late
We wouldn’t be home until 8:30
We went, it was fine, at least not as cold as the previous week.  The fresh air will do you good… ok, mom…

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