My first attempt at Adobe Illustrator – Overall Success or Fail?

As some of you may know from reading my blog I am currently enrolled in Web Design courses at DeVry University Online.  This semester is my first experience with an actual design course.  Last week we were given an assignment to trace a famous work of art in Adobe Illustrator, and honestly I thought I was going to throw my nice new computer out of the window a few times.  After being talked down off the ledge by a great connection I made through a friend who is also in Graphic Design, I began to make some headway with my assignment thanks to You Tube and some other great Illustrator tutorials I found online. (Thank you You Tube…)

I’m not really sure how I did, but in true Liz form I dove head first in without doing my research on Illustrator and how to use some of its many wonderfully awesome features.  Namely using layers, but hindsight is always 20/20 right?  I guess that’s the purpose of school, you live and you learn…

Original Warhol Work

Anyway, originally I had planned on tracing Van Gogh’s Three Musicians, but after reaching Friday and having very little of it completed (like 3/4 of ONE of the musicians) I decided I better move on to something a bit simpler.  I ended up choosing Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup painting (using only ONE of his cans).  Note the original above and my tracing below.  I was pretty happy with the writing I traced, but you can tell I finished the top of the can and the bottom at the end, because frankly they weren’t my best work.  Feel free to comment and give me your constructive feedback, or not, whatever.  Just don’t be mean, my ego is really fragile right now!!! 😉 Oh well, practice makes perfect!

Aaaand my work...

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