My Life as a Musical

Have I mentioned before that I think it would totally rock if my life were like a musical? Not like High School Musical musical, but more like Glee, though cooler… When I mention this to my friend she’s always like, “Um, how is your life not like a musical already? You break out into spontaneous song constantly.” Yeah, but it would be cool if EVERYONE would burst into spontaneous song, together, and on key… and DANCING… I would be able to dance and we would all just dance around and sing all day…

We use to sing a lot at my old job.  One of my friends and I would even pick songs of the day.  I just want MORE of it.  Have you ever noticed that there is a song for just about every situation?  It’s true.  Tell me your situation and I will find a song for it… I just think if we could sing about everything life would be better for all of us. Think about it, we would all be able to express ourselves in some form or another through song, and music tends to relieve tension and frustration. If I were president or something, daily music would definitely be a HUGE part of my campaign.  I would probably tour the country singing my platform to everyone.  People may not agree with me, but it would be a catchy tune so they’d just be humming it all the time and then when they went to the polls to vote they would subconsciously choose me as their choice and I’d be a shoe in!!! It’s a good idea, just sayin’…

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