I deserve the mother of the year award…

Once again that dirty word has crept its way back into my world.  I can’t escape it. I blame “The Family“. At the next Academy of Parenthood award show I will be nominated for mother of the year.  Here’s why:

Tonight while giving the children baths, one of the children pooped in, on, and around the tub.  I’m not going to name which one it was, but the other is to blame, because as sure as the sun will come out tomorrow, this child decided for the SECOND time in two minutes, that she  HAD to go to the bathroom AGAIN while the other was in the tub. So needless to say, when the other was soaking in a nice warm bath, she had to “do her business”, and the other was already on the throne.  Mirolax is the devils tool, and I blame it too.

I deserve the Mother of the Year award because I cleaned it all up with minimal yelling, crying, and throwing up, well, no throwing up, but  the feeling came to me a time or two.  I may or may not have suggested I blamed the other child, but seeing as how they don’t get sarcasm or implied meanings I’m pretty sure they didn’t get it.  This is aside from the fact that they were both home from school today sick, and they have been on steroids or something because they are C-R-A-Z-Y, with a capital C.

Afterwards I went down to the gas station to get a soda and a pack of smokes and my mom didn’t even say a word.  I’m pretty sure it’s because I deserved a liter and some Jack to go with it, while I smoke an entire pack.

Notice the irony of this post being filed under Sh*t my Kids Do… it’s got to be a full moon again…

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