New Year’s Resolutions…

I have never been one to be big on New Year’s resolutions.  They don’t ever really work out for me seeing as how I am a person with very little will-power. Sometimes I start out well, and sometimes they don’t last past noon on New Years Day. But inevitably by February I can’t even remember what those resolutions were.

So as not to break tradition I will list my resolutions, and hopefully with them posted here I won’t forget them quite as easily…

1. I will drink no more that one 44 oz. soda a day.

2. I will smoke only 5 times a day.

3. I will be kinder to others by being a better listener.

4. I will grow my baby backbone into an assertive backbone.

5. I will exercise more.

6. I will make a plan and stick to it.

Six resolutions seem to be a lot, but I have a lot of backed up things that need to be taken care of from the last year or so.  Hopefully I will be somewhat successful, but the great thing about New Year’s is it comes every year, whether you want it to or not! Happy New Year and best of luck with your own resolutions in 2012! May only good things come your way 😉

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