I am a Jew-illiterate…

As far as Jewish holidays go, I seem to be illiterate… and so the story goes…

Tuesday my parents, Ella and I accompanied Lainey to her school Christmas program.  We were looking through the program and one of the songs the late elementary school was singing was a “Chanukah” song.

I say to my parents, “What IS the difference between ‘Ch‘anukah and Hanukkah?” (Notice the emphasis on the CH, yes, that’s how I pronounced it…) They looked at me in awed wonderment for a moment.

“It’s pronounced Hanukkah,” my mom replied.

“No, aren’t they two different holidays? I could have sworn they were two different holidays…”

“No… they are the same…”

“Really… wow. I had no idea!”

My bad…


UPDATE: I just found this card that sums it up…

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