The Upside to Honesty…

You know, there are a million things I could write about… and maybe during this holiday break I will get to those million things… but for right now I just want to say that I am so over liars and manipulators and “I’m just gonna twist it enough so if you call me out on it I can totally make you think it’s you whose crazy and not me…”  ooh, ooh, or “I’m gonna tell you one thing now and then do a complete other later..”

Seriously people, it’s called honesty.  It’s a pretty groovy concept, and if you just don’t give a f*ck about what anybody else thinks it is a perfect problem solver.  I mean really what’s not to love?  Win-win situations galore! You don’t have to keep twenty lies straight, and you get to let the other person know in the process that you just. don’t. care.  You can make OTHER people look bad in the process (IF you’ve  been protecting another person’s persona in the tangled web of lies you’ve been weaving…because really… why protect someone else when your perfect? (IT’S NOT YOUR PROBLEM F*CKFACE.) And finally, your life will become twenty times lighter and easier, because doesn’t it get tiring keeping it all straight?

Bottom line: I just don’t care about your idiosyncracies and issues anymore. I have gained a pretty thick skin lately and there are many things that just don’t bother me anymore, and if they do I will go whine to Trisha and Erin about it and you won’t hear a thing about it…So give it to me straight because I haven’t called ya’ll out on anything up to this point, and I just really don’t care to…. and I’m tired of ya’ll acting like I’m stupid and don’t know when you’re lying. K? K. Go home now…

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