Vision boards and other ramblings…

I’ve decided to create a vision board for myself, but I will need to be careful to keep in mind that this vision board will consist of things that will take time…like a lot of time… it will probably end up being the suppression of visions board… ya know, because I have little patience… then my vision board will become one big picture of me living in my parent’s basement… for the rest of my life… just kidding, I think… Maybe I will post a pic of my vision board later to give you something to laugh abo… I mean inspire you to create your own!

In other news, I electrocuted myself yesterday.  I was being a good daughter and tenant, cleaning the house for my mom.  I really got into cleaning the stove and was wiping down the wall behind said stove and my wet cloth accidentally hit a three-way outlet thingy and I got a shock from it.  Now I am sore in my left boob area, it feels like a pulled muscle, but I’m pretending I “pulled” my heart, get it? Because it’s a muscle…

I have a thing about clean kitchens.  Just saying….

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