The reason for my motivation…..

So my friend Trisha and I had a text argument today. This weekend she kept telling me about this job fair at this local business that was today. On Saturday I filled out an application on-line and everything and told her I would go to the fair.  Today about 4:15pm I get a text from her.

T: Did you go to the fair?

Me: Um, sure! 😀

T: U didn’t??

Me: Um, no…

T: Y not?

Me: I washed windows instead. I kind of forgot. 😦

T: Oh

Me: I know I’m hopeless. I “dislike” ur “oh”.

R u mad at me now?

T: Hopeless no,

Lol dude really?

Me: Infuriating? Lazy? Unmotivated? Forgetful? Misguided? I could go on and on…

It’s the go-to question.  I’m working on it.

T: Sounds to me like ur in the midst of yet another pity party. Just sayin

Me: I’m not pity partying, if anything I’m laughing at myself! Hahahaha!

T: The fair lasts until 6 ya know…

Just heard it on the radio.

Me: Oh, I’m getting in my care right now…rotflo!!!!


T: Don’t lie! I could care less if u got a job. But maybe I was under the misguided impression that YOU cared.

Me: Oh don’t get mad Trisha! I do want a job, but I want to teach, so I’m going to get off my ass and start subbing. I am willing to put my app and resume in to check things out, but why dick around when I know what I really want to do? – I know, stop dicking around…

T: Hmm….I’m not mad. I’m just thinking you aren’t happy doing what ur doing now. So shit er get of the pot man.

Me: Well said, and advice well taken.

T: No. That’s just it.. it’s not well taken. CAUSE ARE YOU ON UR WAY TO THE JOB FAIR????

Me: Quit yelling at me… I will go to the job fair. I’m taking a shower right now.

T: Good. Then sign ur ass up to sub too.  My mom keeps asking me if u have… n if she’s gonna guilt me…ur damn skippy I’m passing it along!

Me: Ok 😛 *but that’s not with a happy face*

T: It’s alright, I’ve concluded we shouldn’t talk right when I get off of work. Tho maybe if ur actually going, then it was worth it

Me: I’m going.

T: GOOD. I expect a full report.

Me: Oh, believe me, double spaced – helvica font!


I was laughing/cursing her through this entire conversation.  I felt like Cameron on Farris Bueller’s Day Off.  She’s just gonna keep texting me and texting me…

I HATE these situations where I have to go in and actually have to TALK to other people.  If I know you, or if I know what I’m talking about, ok, but going into an interview type environment is NOT my idea of a fun time.  I was so nervous I was sure I was going to have a stroke or heart attack.  Teaching interviews, ok, anything else, I struggle with.

Anyway, when I got there I “checked-in” on Facebook because I wouldn’t put it past her to drive by or something to make sure I was there.  Of course she commented on it, which I will get to in a minute, but back to our texting conversation.

T: Well?

Me: They were interviewing for cold-calling selling cells, TV services. The girl didn’t think it was my “area” but was forwarding my info elsewhere.

T: Well that’s a good start. I’m VERY glad you went. Now, go home and get ur shit together to sign up for subbing. What needs done there?

Me: A physical. I’m going tomorrow. (I had no prior intention of going tomorrow…)

T: What comes after the physical? And yes, I’ll check on you tomorrow too.

Me: Taking my physical and TB test results to the ROE. Then I go sign up.

T: Go where? Online or in person?

Me: person

T: Do you have a list of schools you’re going to and in order? That’s what I would make.  Satisfying little checks ever place you go.

Me: I’m making it tonight.

T: Can’t wait to see it!!

Me: I hope the amount of cackling coming on your end is as much as it is on mine…

T: Lol mmhmm… I just turned to JR n said Gawd I’m an evil bitch.

Me: But you’re my evil bitch ]:->

T: Lol, now that’s funny.

Our facebook conversation was just as amusing:

Aka: HGS – job fair. I’ve been here 1/2 an hour. YES, I’m here Trisha. — atAffina.

Like ·  · Tag Friends · 3 hours ago via BlackBerry

Remember the other day when I posted the “Unmotivated” picture?  Here’s my new one:

I was so irritated by the time I got home at 6:30, but I think I was irritated with myself for being so unmotivated.  I mean, she is only trying to help get me where I need to be, and I have to say I appreciate it, because if it were left up to me, I’m not really sure I’d ever get there!

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is…. Thanks Trisha. 😉

One thought on “The reason for my motivation…..”

  1. I don’t mind one single bit being your reason for motivation ; however, you need to take satisfaction in your own forward movement!

    Saying you’ll do something, then actually DOING it are separate things all together.

    Still waiting to hear when ur physical is done and where you signed up to sub. THEN I’ll be somewhat satisfied with your progress.

    Yup..I will keep texting you.

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