Originally titled as ’10 weird things that can make me emotional…” now changed to ‘My lack of follow through is paralyzing…”

I am having an incredibly difficult time following through lately.  Example, last night I started to blog about things that make me emotional or fire me up and only got to number 2 (although note I DID number to 4). I get all of these great ideas but then I can’t follow through.  My natural side would want to analyze this, thinking there is some deeper meaning to my lack of being able to follow through, but I can’t even follow through on that….

So I found this funny picture on the Internets that expresses my lack of motivation. Enjoy.

You can't even begin to imagine how true this is....

And the beginning of my earlier post. I WILL finish it someday, I WILL…

My earlier post today was a bit of a rant, and I apologize for that.  It got me to thinking of strange things that work me up or make me emotional.  I’m an odd duck, so some of these may seem weird, but hey, that’s me…

(In no specific order…)

1. The movie Bridesmaids. Yes. I cried. Like a baby…

2. When kids don’t work to their full potential.



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