Be a freakin’ grown up!!!!

What the hell is wrong with society these days? I heard another story of a broken marriage today.  No notice, no sign of being unhappy. Just, ” I don’t want to be a spouse and parent anymore, I want to be free and have fun”. Seriously people? You made a choice, WORK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

I know there are a lot of people out there that work on their marriages and lives and make commitments and stick to them, but those that don’t, a word of advice: You are a grownup. There is no going back. No amount of partying, playing around, or shirking your duties is going to bring back your youth.  You are going to end up looking like an ass anyway because you’re trying to be something you’re not, and you never will be again. Stop ruining other people’s lives in the process. Stop thinking of only yourself! DEAL WITH IT!!!! The rest of us are pulling our load, you need to too!!!!

Sorry, just needed to get that out….

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