Yep, it’s a full moon…

Have you ever noticed when there is a full moon everyone and thing is more crazy?  At dinner tonight the kids were being freakishly crazy. I look at my dad and say, “Oh yeah, there’s a full moon, right?” Why does this happen?  I know when I was a teacher, the kids at school always got an extra dose of crazy in them.

I took Ella to the library today and she was just running around like she had never been in a library before, yelling, grabbing 500 books off the shelves…

Is it the pull of the moon on the earth? Increased gravity from the pull of the moon?  This is one of life’s mysteries I’m willing to take the time to research because it affects me each time it comes around. It’s annoying, and unpredictable…

Even their dad called this afternoon which is strangely uncharacteristic of him to just want to call and talk with them (because, hey, conversations with them on a regular day are devilishly difficult, let alone talking on the phone with them where five million things could easily distract them and then you have no idea what’s going on, or, you don’t know if they’ve just set the phone down somewhere randomly and wandered away…)

These are the thoughts I sit around and think of lately…. I suppose my mood has been altered based on the full moon. At least that’s what I’m going to say it’s attributed to, until next week when I have to come up with another excuse.  But hey, at least I’m consistent in my inconsistencies..

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