*UPDATED* This is what happens when three adults are left in charge…

Whew! What a weekend!

It was Spoon River Drive this weekend.  T and I make a yearly pilgrimage and drag her husband and children along.  We use to take my family too, but you know…… and Lainey doesn’t really like going to it, so I wait until they are with their dad and go that weekend with T. Actually, I was with T and J from Saturday morning until early afternoon today.  I haven’t laughed that hard in a  l-o-n-g  time.  To know T and her husband “J” (as he will be referred to from here on out) is to love them.  They are complete polar opposites, which seems to work well for them as it somewhat balances out in the end,\, and with the entire family there is rarely a moment that isn’t humorous.

It is an interesting set up with us all, generally we drive about in my car, aka, “The Swagger Wagon” and T drives, because I am a self-proclaimed bad driver and T just makes me ten times more nervous when I drive with her, hence she drives, but also because she doesn’t like to surrender control… Anyway, there were a lot of strange convos going on in the car all weekend, made even stranger by the “code” talk that had to be used because there were little ears in the car. By far my favorite was when we were on our way home from football and somehow (don’t ask me how, or why… really, this is the family that can talk about the subject at any given moment…) we got on the subject of pooping our pants.  J made the comment that someone should go to the bathroom when we got home because, “who in this car hasn’t sh*t their pants at some point or another?” To which T replied, “Not me!” And then we hear a little voice from the back seat speak up and say, “That was me…” T and I were laughing so hard at this point I was doing my “Dom Deluise” laugh and she was crying so hard she was swerving off the road to which J screams, “Keep it on the road! This is the swagger wagon! If  you go off the road we’re going to roll!” to which we laugh even harder (and I’m pretty sure T yells back at him some random comment about how she’s not going off the road, and she’s not going to roll the swagger wagon…)

We decided that I would just spend the night, as T and I generally have a pretty strict schedule when it comes to the SRD, and J agreed as long as … ok, I’m not going there because he is just a sick and twisted man… but it was also pretty hilarious. About this time I think was the point when he and the 5-year-old saw some geese and started honking back and forth at each other.  Did I mention they have pretty short attention spans? Or maybe I have memory issues, that could have been this morning…

So this morning off we go. We always start in London Mills because they have food there, and yes we know its 8:30 in the morning, and no we don’t care that you aren’t suppose to eat onion rings and kettle corn and fudge at that time of the morning… (which I find kind of ironic because at 7:30 this morning J gave 5 (their 5 year-old) a soda and T took it away because she didn’t want him to have that much sugar in the morning, but there we were at 8:30 filling our bellies with sweet treats and grease galore) but, it’s tradition.

We use to go for the most awesome homemade fresh donuts you’ve ever eaten, but a couple of years ago they stopped making them.  We both had been going on the drive with our families for years since childhood and they ALWAYS had these donuts.  I’m pretty sure we stood there on that side-walk in complete and utter disbelief that brisk October day and shed a tear at the prospect we may never again taste the sugar-covered, melt in your mouth goodness of a Spoon River Drive donut ever again.  We were in shock. Shaken… dazed… traumatized. Each year we’ve been since, there’s just the slightest bit of anticipation that maybe, just maybe, they will be back… but they never are… We actually had to tell the story to 5 this year. Bless his little 5 year-old heart, he will never experience one of those delicious donuts that brought us so far each year.

After gorging ourselves on food and the like we headed back, making one more stop along the way to get some of the best beef jerky this side of the Illinois River. (Do you see a pattern here?) By this time the baby was yelling at us all, I’m pretty sure because we were all yelling at each other, or cackling, or making fun of one another… it’s hard to tell with us, it’s usually one of the above…

A "Beyonce" we found...
But the pig is more awesome!
But the ABSOLUTE best... wow, you can't get 'em that cheap these days!

Yep, that’s what we do all day…

P.S. I’m soooo sorry this didn’t meet the standards that it should… It was all so much more funny that this, really it was… I’m really nervous because T and J are waiting to see what I write about and I can’t write under the pressure!!!!!

*UPDATE* It was brought to my attention I left a few other funny points of the weekend out… Again, T and I were having a vicious slugbug competition and an unfortunate accident occurred. We both saw a slugbug at the same time and went to punch at the same time and knocked knuckles… smashed it more likely. Pretty sure T broke a knuckle too.  Probably funnier from J’s viewpoint in the back seat…

And yes, coming down from the weekend high has left me lacking something…

2 thoughts on “*UPDATED* This is what happens when three adults are left in charge…”

  1. Aaah you forgot my favorite part! The part where I am still, yes still, nursing an EXTREMELY sore right hand! You know how hard it is to type all day when you can’t flex your pinky? ? Shoot.
    Oooh and the random tobigtobesittinginagrocerycart kid that randomly shouted: I LIKE STRAWBERRIES! Well shoot big Guy, I do too, but I ain’t gonna proclaim it to half the danged store!

    J also sincerely wishes you could have some how posted his sounds. He thinks he quite the comedic genius these days!

    And bridesmaids!! Lololol .. undercarriage ..I’m still chuckling!!

    Good times all in all..leaves Monday with something to be desired.

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