Relationship problems? I have some towels for you…

Beyonce the Chicken

I’ve mentioned Beyonce the Chicken before, right?  Well if not, or if you don’t know the epic story, you really need to check it out or else you’re not going to get this – AT ALL.

My sister-in-law’s friend from college is a blogger and follows the Bloggess as well. In response to her post about the chicken she bought out of spite for her husband because he wouldn’t let her buy more towels, Mannered Gold sends towels with “Knock, Knock, Motherfucker” embroidered on them. Beautiful.  It makes me want to cry…and to be married again so I can buy them for my own husband.

In all things related, this weekend my parents went to my brother and sister-in-law’s to visit.

These towels are fucking awesome.

While in Wisconsin they see… you guessed it… a bit metal chicken.  It was off of an access road and the place said open seven days a week, which was obviously a blatant lie as they had to trek through mud to get around to the spot where the chicken actually was. They of course texted me and sent a picture.  I was hoping they would buy it, but it was $399, which my mom originally thought was $39.99, in which case they would have bought it, but my sister-in-law graciously pointed out her error.  It was originally $499, but was marked down which, quoting my SIL is “one hundred dollars worth of free chicken!”.

Sister-in-law and Mom's "Beyonce"


I miss all the fun…

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