You call it crazy, I call it another day in the life…

My morning was very low-key today, but picked up quickly by the time we went to pick Lainey up from school. Lainey will be seeing a new psychiatrist in another week and we had an initial parent meeting at 4pm, then rush home for the quickest dinner I think I’ve ever eaten, then a Brownie meeting at school at 6pm.  All of this was followed by a murderous homework session at 6:30 with full on whining and crying. (Probably due to the Adderall withdraws the doctor explained happened around 6-6:30 each day…wonderful!) Then the day ended with a full-out meltdown from the oldest which ended with me having to use my drill sargent voice to get her to stop shrieking so her sister and I could save our hearing for another few years.

Anyway…I really like the new shrink, I am totally a fan and truly believe everyone should have one at some point in their life.  Not at 7 necessarily, but whatever.  Dad was late so I took the liberty of filling her in on all of the wacky details we went through the last year.  It never gets old telling the story again (it’s like that old church hymn, “I Love to Tell the Story”, I’m totally singing it in my head right now) … more abbreviated as I go, but it never ceases to amaze me how people are still shocked when they first hear it.

I wanted to get it out-of-the-way before her dad got there, because I think it’s more difficult to talk about with both of us there, and I tend to gloss over the situation more because I don’t want to rock the boat, and dad tends to think it’s all completely normal, but she went though some really fucked up shit for a while there so for Lainey’s sake I think it’s time someone understood the complete story, even if her problems stem back further than that, it couldn’t have helped things any. Besides, when I expressed concerns to the last doc, he told me she was resilient, would bounce back, and I should watch what I say. I’m so tired of people making it out to be about me and what I say and do, while other people can go along and do whatever the hell they want. It must be friggin’ nice…

The funniest part of the entire thing was after I told her the story, she was all, “What about you??? Are you o.k.???”. It’s a funny question to hear because at this point I’m as o.k. as I’m going to be.  Not many people ask me anymore, and that’s fine, because I really don’t know what to say. Anywho… I really thing this one is going to work for Lainey. I’m hopeful, and that’s not something I’ve felt in a while. So all in all a good thing…

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