Weekend update (and POOP update…)

Going good. Poop keeps coming up. Like when I was at my friend’s house this weekend and her one year old took my computer hostage and typed “POOP99999999999999999999999”, and then again today when Ella could talk of nothing else but bird poop. Even saw this pic posted on a friends Facebook page:



Other than that, pretty normal. Football Saturday morning, tea party Saturday afternoon, then friend’s house. Sunday church, picnic, Marigold Festival, hours of Business 115 homework and quiz.

OH! Can I give a HUGE shout out to my mom, who, miraculously, let me do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING yesterday! She even was home with a sore back all day and never ONCE hounded me about doing anything.  Beautiful day, thanks mom, love you!

Girls came back today, I enjoy the break from being a single, full-time parent, but I am always glad to have them back. They keep it interesting and give me a purpose. Sorry, not too fun, I’m kinda sick with this sinus thing going on… I have a post in the making, but I’m so foggy right now, may in a couple of days.

By the way, my friend that I was discussing business with this weekend… she’s not that bitter, not about business anyway. She’s kinda like a tree-hugger hippie.  Totally not for the cold-hearted corporate world, but she makes it work, ya know? And yes, I can hear you Trisha, “not about business anyway????”. Well you ARE bitter about some things. You’re a girl aren’t you? Jk, I love you!

Ok, I gotta go, this isn’t working for me tonight…. Next time, play-ahs.

One thought on “Weekend update (and POOP update…)”

  1. LOL ..yes yes this makes me laugh! I do have plenty to be bitter about, but doesn’t everyone? What makes my bitterness better? Absolutely nothing.

    Keep em coming mon ami..I like the laughs!

    PS. Harry Potter pic…all the way. Totally my fav!!

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