Awesomeness in the making…

If you read my blog you know that there has been a major crackdown on the girls at our house.  Can I just say, last night was AWESOME!!!! That is how I want every night to be!!! Lainey started freaking about homework first thing, but I told her we were just going to TRY it out today with no meltdowns and keep a positive attitude and see how that worked for us.  She read to me while I prepped for dinner, then we did flash cards, then spelling (she got ALL of the correct with no prompting!!!) We had dinner, played an EDUCATIONAL game on the computer (- all three of us), and they read in bed before falling asleep at a reasonable hour.

Basically I am writing this so the next time I’m going crazy and don’t know what to do I can read this and remember that the SMACKDOWN is effective! Bring it on!

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