This is just a bunch of random rambling… but has valuable information at the same time!

I just called the principal where I interviewed on Tuesday to ask if there was any feedback or insight he could give me on my interview.  He was VERY nice and said unfortunately he wasn’t going to be much help because I gave good answers and had good experience, it was just a matter of the best fit for the school, and honestly he said he could have put any one of the candidates in the position.  He was very nice and I hope I have the opportunity to interview with him again someday. I’m also VERY proud of myself for taking that step to get feedback that I once would have dreaded getting. Not gonna lie, a little nerve-wracking, but I took the step, so there, progress…

Now I am on to another problem, a few months ago I made a rash decision to go on a trip to Vegas with my friend Erin.  I am excited about going, but the buyer’s remorse is killing me, and immediately after I made the decision I knew it was irresponsible. Therefore I am going to resort to asking any of my local blog followers for some help.  I can cook, clean, babysit, organize, do AMAZING things on a computer, and many other odd jobs that you may not want to do yourself.  If you would like to help me fund this irresponsible, but amazingly adrenaline induced trip, I am willing to work for it.  I have some credentials, I clean every other week for my aunt and I occasionally clean for my bff (every other weekend 😉 ). I can rock out a bottle of Clorox clean up like nobody’s business, and I can get you so organized you will be asking me to come back for more! Please help!  I NEVER do anything this spontaneous, and after the year I’ve had I just want to do one irresponsible, irrational thing for just ME! You can message me on Facebook if you accept this challenge, and I guarantee you won’t regret it…

On to other things… Y’all know you can comment on here? Come on people, I know you have something to say! I have gotten some good feedback so far, but let’s shake up the discussion, ya know? I will willingly accept any constructive criticism, but I gotta tell ya, I’m doing this for me, so don’t expect much out of me!

have I mentioned I’m kid-free today! Yeah, today is gonna be a great day!

7 thoughts on “This is just a bunch of random rambling… but has valuable information at the same time!”

  1. I may take you up on your offer….I probably will run into some issues with too many papers to grade and not enough nights. So how much would that help???
    PS I like reading your ramblings for some reason??And I don’t have little kids or anything?? Figure that out5. I think I may be just nosy.

    So whatever you are brave enough to share I am willing to read.

  2. I didn’t mean for it to be anonymous, but now that it is, I think it may be a little fun. So here is another clue, I am most definitely a teacher.

    1. I have my choice narrowed down to two possible people if: 1) you are my friend on Facebook, 2) you live in my general vicinity, 3) you have no children (as you stated), and 4) you are a teacher (as you stated). Any other hints you want to give me before I reveal my answer?

  3. Hi Liz… Does your flight happen to be out of St. Louis or do you plan on visiting here anytime soon? I would love to have my house cleaned and organized!! Sending a hug 🙂 xoxo

  4. OK, I don’t know who left the last message, but I’m kinda thinking we aren’t talking about “organizing” the same thing? Haha, either that or my mind is in the gutter, which is probably the case…. hmmm…..

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