My life is wicked crazy…

So I got denied for public aid, which is good and bad both, good because at least someone thinks I’m not destitute enough to need it, but bad because there is a serious lack of funds coming in at the moment. On the upside I got a job interview at an awesome school I would love to work at as a part-time aid.  It would only be about three hours a day, but I figure that will be a nice way to work myself back into things slowly, and maybe next year I could get a full-time gig.

But now for the part most of you who have already heard have been waiting for: Today is my youngest’s birthday.  September 2nd.  Call it karma, fate, Kismet, whatever you believe in, but this is one step closer to crazy than I thought things could go.

I knew this day was coming, and really, I’m FINE with it.  Seriously. You have no idea how fine I am ;-). However, in a totally ironic turn of events, the girls’ father’s new wife is being induced. Today. On Ella’s birthday.  If you understand the entirety of my story from this last year, you understand how insane this actually is.  It’s like God’s little joke, AND I THINK IT’S AWESOMELY SICK AND TWISTED ON AN EPIC LEVEL!  I LOVE IT! All day long I have been giggling randomly, because honestly, there couldn’t have been a more fitting time for this to happen.  The funniest part? It’s not even their fault!!! At least I hope it’s not, I’m pretty sure not, but just in case I’m not gonna bet on it.  Awkwardly enough she has the same OBGYN that delivered both of my children.  One of them four years ago to THIS VERY DAY…

The irony is so great that I have to laugh.  I can’t imagine what is going through the heads of those players involved in these events today.  I would just once like to experience it first hand, to have someone explain to me how they rationalize this entire situation to be O.K. But, in the grand scheme of things, as long as my kids are ok, I just don’t care….

By the way, I hear it’s nice this time of year in backwards land…

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